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Major Properties of E.O's
Abortifacient: An agent capable of inducing abortion. Alterative:An agent which cleanses the blood and corrects impure blood conditions. Analgesic: Pain relieving Anaphrodisiac: Diminishing sexual desire Anthelmintic: A vermifuge, destroying or expelling intestinal worms Anti-allergenic: reduces sysptoms of allergy. Anti-arthritic: An agent which combats arthritis. Anti-emetic: Reduces the incidence and severity of vomiting. Anti-convulsive: Helps arrest or control convulsions. Anti-depressant: Uplifting, counteracting melancholy. Anti-inflammatory: Alleviates inflammation. Anti-neuralgic: see analgesic. Anti-microbial: An agent which resists or destorys pathogenic organisms. Anti-phlogistic: Reduces inflammation. Anti-puritic: Relieves sensations of itching or prevents its occurrence. Anti-rheumatic: Helps control infection. Anti-spasmodic:Prevents and eases spasms and relieves cramps. Aprodisiac: Exciting sexual desire. Anti-tussive: An agent for suppressing coughs. Astringent: Contracts, tightens and binds tissues. Bacteride: An agent that destorys bacteria Balsamic: A soothing substance having the qualities of a balsam. Cardiac: Stimulating.