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Archangel Gabriel large

Archangel Gabriel large -bronze-30cm in height..Postage included Australia only for international sales please email

Archangel Gabriel medium

Archangel Gabriel medium-bronze-21cm in height postage included.

Archangel Gabriel small

Archangel Gabriel 12cm in height creamy white in colour...Postage included Australia only...

Archangel Michael medium

Archangel Michael bronze 21cm in height postage included Australia only

Archangel Michael small

12cm in height creamy white in colour. Postage included Australia only..Possibly the greatest of all Angels in Christian, Jewish & Islamic lore - a warrior, protector healer & guardian, sometimes described as the Holy Ghost, Logos & even God. He was originally a Chaldean deity & is sometimes identified with Metatron. In Islam he is called Mikail & is described as having emerald green wings & being covered with saffron hairs, each of which has a million faces & mouths that ask Allah in a million dialects to pardon the sins of the faithful. This Archangel is leader of the angel hosts, hence title of Archistrategos,which comes from the Greek for 'General'. Although Michael as Archistrategos is found in early Jewish writings, the importance of Michael as warrior oprince of angels for Christians comes from the passage in Revelation 12:'And there was war in heaven:Michael & his angels fought against the dragon; & the dragon fought and his angels, & prevailed not; neither was their place found anymore in heaven. & the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, & Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, & his angels were cast out with him. Some say Michael is Prince of the World, with authority over the Princes of Kingdoms, whose job is to plead for the world when the heavenly court. He is the patron of firefighters, policemen, sailors, soldiers & shopkeepers. With others, he will weigh mortal souls on Judgement day & is the symbol of divine justice, holding a;; the keys to Heaven.    

Archangel Raphael large

Archangel Raphael-large-bronze 30cm in height postage included Australia only...

Archangel Raphael medium

Archangel Raphael medium bronze 21cm in height postage included Australia only....

Archangel Raphael small

RAPHAEL: One of the three great Angels, with Michael & Gabriel. Of Chaldean origin, he was originally called Labbiel. He is the angel of dawn, prince regent of the Second Heaven & of both the Cherubim & the Archangels. He is also chief of the order of Virtues & a member fo the Seraphim, Dominions & Powers. He rules the southern sector of Heaven, is a guardian angel of the West, a chief angel of the evening winds & an angel of prayer, love, joy, healing & light. He is the regent of the sun & stands in the middle of it. He is a guardian of the Tree of Life & is one of the six ngels of repentance. His other angelic responsibilities include science, medicine & wisdom & he is ruler of elemental air. Enoch describes him as a Watcher, a guide in Sheol which is the final destination of Jewish souls & an angel responsible for healin the ailments & wounds of human children. Raphael, whose name means 'god healed' in Hebrew, has been classed variously among the Cherubim of Opanim, & as aPrince of the Virtues, Dominions & Powers & a Watcher, but is most widely known as an Archangel, alongside Michael & Gabriel.  

Archangel Uriel large

Archangel Uriel large -bronze-30cm in height. Australian postage only


Archangel Uriel medium

Archangel Uriel medium-bronze-21cm in height. Postage included Australia only.


Archangel Uriel small