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Drawing E.O's
Cajeput in conjunction with Myrrh and Juniperberry are our three major drawing oils. Lavender French is a mild drawing oil, so when you start using Cajeput with Lavender French in any formula add no more than 4drops to a 100mls of cleansing preparations and it will be more of a powerful cleanser. The above essential oils draw all the toxic elements out of the skin. As a general rule if you use Cajeput oil you can also use Calendula infused oil or Macadamia nut oil or more importantly use Avocado oil. Even if you use Cajeput with Avocado carrier oil - Avocado carrier oil stops it from drying out, but it still draws the toxins out of the skin. Only when used neat is it a problem. Never use neat and always follow with moisturiser after cleaning skin. Cajeput essential oil cleans draws and dries always.