Melken Essence has a history in the Aromatherapy world of over 20 years that is why it is called 'Naturally Unique Aromatherapy Products'.

I Melinda, have been fortunate enough to have gained my Aromatherapy experience working in hospitals with the young, aged and palliative care. From this experience has come my wonderful therapeutic blends and a vast knowledge of many Essential Oils not only for their properties but also their benefits for our spirit and wellbeing.

My understanding and knowledge has not only come from my caring patients, but also from very highly qualified Doctors, Podiatrists, Teachers and Chiropractors who l have studied, worked and learnt through and wonderful Nurses who have helped and given me advise, whom I shall never forget.

My heritage and experience has also allowed me to combine Essential and Carrier oils to make blends into potions.

Melken Essence has over 50 different Essential Oils, which are sourced from around the world, for example; the thick pouring Chamomile Blue, with it's healing properties and beauitful aroma which is imported from my native country 'Hungary'.

The Melken Essence range is available for private purchase and also available in bulk for the use of Retailers, Small Businesses & Markets. All ofour products are safe and easy to use as there are instructions and explanations included.

All of our Essential Oils come on a Aromatherapy stand that the Retailer is able to choose, or Melken Essence can arrange the Oils for you.

Customers are able to view the Aromatherapy stands along with many other products at the various markets that Melken Essence attends (look up 'contact' on website). You might even meet us.

Each stand comes with:

  • Testers which come in clear bottle's to help the customers differentia the colours of the Essential oils (Top, Middle & Base notes), the properties are on the labels too make it easier for the retailer
  • Instructions
  • Properties chart
  • Carrier oil chart's
  • Four (4) rows of carrier oils – for blending your Essential oils
  • My Essential oils come in 5ml and 15ml amber bottles with tamper proof evident caps for retail. 
  • Trade & bulk prices are available on application

Please do not hestitate to contact me if you have any questions about my products.


Melken Essence


P.S Presentation of my Certificate's are available as well.

Mobile: 0404013638