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Incense Sticks Natural
A variety of 'Natural & Fragrant Incense sticks. Natural incense sticks do not contain charcoal & are potassium nitrate free. Almost every other incense stick out there has a charcoal base. Charcoal tends to burn a little bit dirty and contains potassium nitrate; a synthetic chemical burning aid. Natural incense sticks are made from wood and a resin base for even buring without charcoal. Melken Essence's & Juniper Ridge incense sticks are from Cedarwood.

Balaji 'Focus'

15sticks to a pkt/12pkts to a box. Natural Herbal incense sticks. For postage & bulk prices please email me

Chandanam Incense

Natural Flora sticks

15sticks to a packet/12packs to a box

For bulk prices please send email

Incense Sticks - Cedarwood

Melken Essences' Natural incense sticks are made from Cederwood and resin to give an even burning without charcoal. Most Incense sticks are charcoal based. Charcoal tends to burn a bit dirty and contains potassium nitrate a synthetic chemical which is a burning base. Melken Essences' Incense sticks can be burnt or used as a diffuser - which is soaked in your choice of Essential oils, blend or fragrant oil and then dry out. This can be wrapped and placed in your draws, wardrobes, suitcases(in storage) or cupboards. Melken Essence invented this idea in the year 2008. The product has been tried and tested. Any enquiries please do not hestiate to email me. The bundles of Incense sticks come in lots of 21 and wrapped in your choice of coloured bag.

Sugandha Sandesh

Natural incense sticks

15 sticks to a pack 

Exprience the subtle fragrance of mixed flowers permeating your senses for forever.

For bulk prices please email Melken Essence

12 packs to a unit


Yatra 17gms

Yatra means Pilrimage in Hindi.

17 grams x 12 boxes to a unit.

100% natural chemical free.

For bulk prices please email Melken Essence

Yatra 36gms

36grams x