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Himalayan Salt lamps
Benefits Meditation/Yoga Deepens your mediation experience Studying Improves concentration Living Rooms Creates an enhanced peace & relaxation Office Place near a computer to clear electromagnetic smog & reduce user fatigue Feng Shui when placed in a strategic spot it enhances Chi energy Allergy suffers Helps to clean the air naturally & helps you breathe easier

Aromatherpay Salt Lamp

Flower like aromatherapy salt lamp - 3.3kg 19cm approx...

  • small stainless dish for the essential oil  
  • free 15ml Melken Essence Orange sweet essential oil
  • comes with cord & 15watt 
  • Postage not included
  • postage for Australia please email me
  • Overseas postage please email me


  • wooden base
  • comes with cord & globe
  • postage not included
  • for Australian postage please email me
  • for overseas postage please email me
Fire Bowl
Firebowl,, 8ins in width.. dome in centre with salt chunks around may also add crystals for a stunning effect. This beautiful lamp is made of salt from the Himalayas  with a wooden base made of shesham wood. Comes with 2 kgs of salt chunks.
  • comes with cord and 7 or 15watt globe.
  • Postage not included 
  • For Australian or overseas postage please email me
  • For overseas postage plea


Orb - Sphere
Our Spheres/Orbs are often said to resemble the planes, they come in an array of different colours:- pale pink to rich burnt orange colours they are warm and inviting. Approximately weighs 1.5kg & stands at 12cm on a wooden base 32cm circumference, 
  • comes with cord and globe
  • a wonderful feature in the lounge or childrens room 
  • With different coloured globes inside it becomes a planet 
  • Postage not included 
  • For Australia & overseas postage please email me
Pyramid Salt Lamp
This lamp weighs about 5-6 kg with a stunning onyx base or wooden baseand looks stunning at night like your in Egypt!!! Approximately weighing 2.5kg & stands 20cm on a wooden base 18cmx18cm,
  • comes with cord and globe
  • Postage included Australia only
Starry Nights Selenite Chunks
Selenite is an ancient stone, and is considered one of the most powerful crystals to have to assist with the new vibrations on earth. Having a bowl of Selenite chunks in the home can help anchor the vibrations and assist with creating a clearer envioronment. Approximately weighing 2kg and contains varying sizes of Selenite Chunks.  Selenite
Selenite Starry Nights can be arranged anyway that you would like.
Buy a plain low glass bowl, add your choice of coloured light bulb and arrange Selenite chunks to your liking.
Postage not included.Please email me for postage