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Green Man

"The Green Man" Dionysus also called Bacchus Postage included - Australia only

Popularly called the God of wine, Dionysus is much more than that: the Spirit of vegetation, fertility, and generation, Dionysus presides over the mysteries of life and death. He is the spirit of untamed wilderness and irrepressible male procreative energy, intoxication, shamanism, magic, joy, madness, and sexual healing. Dionysus is the Green Man. His images are adorned with grapevines and ivy. Among his epithets is "the night prowler." He was the last of the twelve deities incorporated into the Olympian pantheon and is thus usually classified as a "Greek God". However his original homeland is believed to be Thrace: modern Bulgaria and Romania both claim to be the location of his birthplace. According to archeologist Marija Gimbutas, Dionysus was the most ancient non-Indo-European god of Old Europe and was initially a botanical spirit. Dionysus was originally served only by women. His female devotees were known as Maenads (in Greece) or Bacchanals (in Rome). Although men served him too, women were the leaders and initiators in the Dionysian rites, and certain rites were celebrated solely by women. Witch-hunters' later description of naked, wild-haired women dancing in the forest around the figure of a lone virile, horned man could theoretically describe Dionysian rites. Dionysus was twice born, first as the child of Zeus and his daughter Persephone (in one version, Zeus in the form of a snake wither rapes or seduces Persephone). Zeus named him Zagreus and designated him his heir over all his other children. Jealous Titans kidnapped Zagreus, ripped him to pieces and ate him, except for his heart which Athena rescued. Livid, Zeus reduced the Titans to ashes and formed humans from these ashes , thus all people share in Dionysus' (Zagreus') essence. Zeus then brewed a love potion from Zagreus' heart and fed it to Princess Semele. She conceived Dionysus once again but died before giving birth. Zeus rescued the unborn child, removing him from his mother's body and sewing him up in his own thigh to incubate until ripe and ready to be born. Dionysus was then hidden away for his own safety; he grew up in the wilderness of Thrace where he was nursed by goats. Always loving toward women, Dionysus' first act as a full-fledged god was to travel to Hades and bring his mother Semele up to Olympic to share in his glory. Dionysus is also the only Olympian god to be happily married. There are conflicting reports as to whether May Eve or Midsummer's Eve marks Dionysus and Ariadne's wedding Anniversary. Reaching maturity, Dionysus led a caravan through the Middle East, north Africa, and India, accompanied by a parade of Maenads satyrs, and panthers. Wherever Dionysus traveled he taught people assorted agricultural and artisanal arts, especially viniculture-the creation of wine. In addition to wine, Dionysus was also associated with opium and mushrooms. "The Green Man" explicitly names the Pagan Spirit of male procreative energy, although it sometimes specifically indicates Dionysus, too. In either case, the Green Man is a deity associated with witchcraft; devout Christians might consider the "Green Man" another euphemism for the devil, too. From The Element Encyclopedia Judika Illes.  Green Man wall plague - 22cm with gold over tones

Postage included within Australia only. International please email me.

Lady Tendril

Lady Tendril Greenman Wall Plaque, with hook for hanging, by West Country artist David Lawrence.  This piece of Greenman Garden Wall Art from The Greenwood Tree measures 13cm high and is finished with colourful berries. The Goddess of Foliage - The Green Woman - The Lady Tendril represents rebirth, renewal and nature's growth and change. The Lady Tendril Plaque is made of cold cast resin with hadpainted detail. This wall plaque  accent any wall in your home, outdoors, office or scared space. Green foliage and berries surround her face. Measurements are 5ins high x 41/2 inch width x 1 inch thick - 12cm x 13cm

This item icludes postage - Australia only

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Mask Butterfly

35cm in height. Colours Purple & Bronze. This item includes postage - Australia only

Mask Peacock

35cm in height.A pretty mask with inlaid imitation jewels. Colours of Turquoise/Red & a brilliant green. This item includes postage - Australia only