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Parchment paper white

Are you used to writing your problem or request on when working
your rituals. 
Paper can create lasting amulets.Paper as we know it was invented in China 105CE, and China remains the primary home of paper magic. Paper charms are traditionally written in red cinnabar ink on yellow or red paper with peach wood pen, in special magical script known as "thunder writing" or "celestial calligraphy".  Some paper spells are created in order to be destroyed, via fire or water. Destroying the paper spell releases its energy into the atmosphere so that the spell can work as intended. Sometimes water and fire are combined:Chinese charms are burned first, and then the ashes are mixed with tea or water and drunk. Rice paper is particaularly effective for this as it dissolves easily in water.

3" x 4" Parchment Paper...12 sheets in each pack.