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Mortar & Pestle's

Black stone Mortar & Pestle

Beautifully Carved Wooden Mortar & Pestle 9 cms High x 7cms in diameter.

Carved designs may vary from one to another..........


Casrved Wooden Mortar & Pestle
Celtic Pentagram Mortar & Pestle

Celtic Pentacle Mortar and Pestle....
Soapstone Mortar and Pestle engraved with Celtic Art which accented the Pentagram.

Colors of soapstone will vary from yellows, browns, greens and reds/oranges.

Measures approximately 10cms tall, 8cms diameter; and Pestle is approx 10cms.  


Celtic Wave Mortar & Pestle

Celtic Mortar and Pestle

Soapstone Mortar and Pestle engraved with Celtic Art. Colors of soapstone
will vary from yellows, browns, greens and reds/oranges.

Measures approx 8cms in height x 10cms in diameter. Pestle is approx 10cms long. 


Plain Mortar & Pestle

For grinding herbs and incense....3x4"

Soapstone shades and colours vary - let us choose one for you..  


Stone Mortar & Pestle

Stone Mortar & Pestle, Hand-carved Soapstone......colour shades vary a little.


Triple Moon Mortar & Pestle

This is a stone carved, Triple Moon Mortar and Pestle.

It is approx 8cms diameter and 8cms tall and pestle is 8cms long.

Notice the carved face on the MOON! 


Triquetra Mortar & Pestle

 Triquetra Black Stone/Marble Mortar and Pestle……
Dimensions: 2½”high x 3”wide…



Wood Mortar & Pestle

Affordable wooden Mortar & Pestle